Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The End of One Year and Start of Another

It is the last day of 2008 and what an interesting year it has been. We all go through the normal ups and downs that any year can produce. I think that it is of great importance not only to make a resolution for the following year, but to look at what has happened in the current one. As it has been said so many times, we don't know where we are going unless we know where we have come from.

As I look at 2008, I made my fair share of mistakes, but feel that I have rebounded quite nicely. In my mistakes, I don't think that I put myself first as much as I now understand is necessary. It has always been within my being to make sure that those around me always had what they needed in life. Many times I have done for others at the expense of losing myself in the process. Taking the hit in order for someone else to succeed seemed like a selfless thing to do. I have found during the many years of doing this, I didn't do much for my own survival. Many women do this as we nurture and love those around us. Self-sacrifice can be good, but at the end of the day there must be something left for "self".

To right this wrong, I have decided to make more time for myself. I used to journal each day, but stopped many moons ago. Starting this blog on the last day of the year is a true beginning of something that I hope will create a sense of wholeness within me. I will hold strong to the positive things in my life that I already do regularly. About 7 years ago, I started to exercise each day. I started off walking at the park, eventually bought a treadmill and walked/jogged off 125 pounds to this date. I even had a baby in the middle of all of that. It is a must that this continue for my health and love that I possess for ME. Doing yoga and daily meditation needs to come out of the back seat and ride shot-gun with me through the next year. Being spiritually centered helps me to be a better person and stay focused on the grander scheme of things. Whatever helps you to feel grounded should to be a close companion.

I tend to always work hard, but I need to learn how to play a bit more. Having kids has caused me to be a bit ridged in my thinking. However, to raise well-rounded kids one must learn to have fun. I talk to my girls about a little bit of everything...discussions on the economy, war time chaos, what makes a good friend and love are some of the many things that we discuss. In 2009, I hope to get them out and see more things in the world around them. We need to run, get dirty and touch the things that we have seen and discussed. Kids should walk with their eyes wide open and be ready for anything that comes. Having these little people in my life is a perfect reason for me to do some things that I always wanted to do.

It is my continued intention to be the best friend and love to those important to me. People enter our lives for a reason. It should be our intention to discover their purpose in our small space and time. To not discover this intention is to miss the opportunity for something great to come into your being. Others are there to provide some type of personal growth, companionship, bring purpose and enjoyment into your life. I try not to get closed in my thinking as people come and go. When others comes into your existence, they leave a little bit of themselves and help to well round your prospectives. I love deeply, honestly, without regret and enjoy the beauty (and sometime pain) that comes from it.

I challenge you to start 2009 with a new outlook. With all that is going on in the world, there will be enough sorrow, anguish and turmoil to go around. Make it your intention to find a glowing reason to wake up each morning and take on the world. Take that smile and fire with you every place you go.

May peace and love be with you on your journey,