Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Mother Gets Probation After Circumcising Her Baby with a Box Cutter

Mom Gets Probation After Botched Circumcision

Your Black World reports

Keemonta Peterson, a 29-year old mother out of Oregon, received five years probation after trying to circumcise her newborn baby at home.  Relying on what she'd read in the Old Testament of the bible, the new mother got a box cutter and tried to do the surgery on her baby.  She believed that her child was too old to be circumcised at the hospital and she'd received her training from watching YouTube videos.

The mother called 911 when the child started to bleed profusely and seemed to be in intense pain.  Doctors took care of the boy's pain, and completed the circumcision.  The boy has made a full recovery.

As of now, the baby boy and all of Peterson's three other children are in the custody of the state.  The mother is allowed to visit them, but only if the visits are supervised.

"She's had two psychological evaluations and no one thinks she is a danger to society," her attorney, Scott Raivio, told KPTV.  He also said that the circumcision was "an aberration during a down period in her life."

The judge stood by the young mother and was willing to give her a second chance.   "You love your children and have absolutely no intent to harm your child. The good news is that your son is not permanently harmed," he said.


  1. This women needs some help, this was her way of asking!!!

  2. OMG! Have mercy, Jesus on this woman. Health care for American's... Who needs it? Obamacare as it's called, exists for SOME good reason. Here is but one example. One can ridicule this woman for how she went about it, but, in this case, the merits of proper medical care are very relevant (mental and physical).

  3. Please for Christ sake help this poor boy from Haiti

  4. dam girl who told you ..you was a doctor and that you have the skills to do this....