Saturday, September 3, 2011

Overweight Baby Sitter Falls On Top of Child and Smothers Him to Death

teresa coffey dies and smothers a newborn baby

Your Black World reports

Teresa Coffey of Long Island, New York died while  taking care of a month-old infant.  The child was the son of TV host Michael Baldwin.  When she died, she fell on top of the child and killed him.

Baldwin said that Coffey had been "asking forever if she could watch my baby because she couldn't have children."

While taking care of the child, Coffey called Baldwin and asked him to call her back.  He couldn’t reach her, but found her dead when he arrived home:

"I searched every room," Baldwin said. "I was saying his name, 'Michael! Michael!' "

When the father couldn’t find his child in any room, he looked over at Coffey, who was "slumped on the couch, face down, her knees on the floor . . . I just had this funny feeling she was on top of him.”

He was right.  Both Coffey and the baby were pronounced dead at Huntington Hospital.  Coffey, who was 5’6, 200 pounds, was suffering from health problems.  Authorities found her with a bottle of prescription pills.


  1. This looks like a suicide/homicide. This is the most insane thing I have heard all year. This is just an outrage. That woman was dealing with some serious issues, especially not being able to have children and control her obesity.

  2. Don't quite understand how you came to that conclusion, but I think we need to wait on facts and stop all this speculating. Weight may or may not have played an issue in this situation.

    Same as people assumed Amy Winehouse died of a drug overdose due to her past drug abuse, when she actually died without any drugs in her system.

    We need to start being intelligent human beings and at least waiting on FACTS rather than unproven FEELINGS that are pieced together from reading initial stories....

    Right now the only facts that this story yields is that she fell on the baby and died, smothering the child to death. Whether her weight was the issue, lets wait on facts from autopsy.

    Just because it said "suffering from health problems" does not mean her weight was the derivative of that health issue.

  3. RIP to baby Michael... and condolences to the family at this time... it is truly a sad thing to lose a loved one... especially one so young and precious as a baby.

  4. this is a sad sad story. peace and blessings to both of the families that have lost loved ones.

  5. Omg.......I don't believe she will beg to babysit the baby to kill herself and the baby......At least hope not only God knows though n prayers for both families This to shall pass.......