Thursday, October 20, 2011

Parents of Conjoined African Twins Seek International Help


Joined at the chest and abdomen, these twins were born in a remote region of Cameroon.

Your Black World reports

They weigh a combined total of 9.7 pounds, but their parents have a ton of love for their two special girls.  The girls were delivered in a village in Cameroon.   While each child has her own arms and legs, they are joined at the abdomen.

The parents of the little girls, who have not yet been named, are pleading for help to allow their daughters to live separate lives. In Cameroon, money and access to healthcare are scarce in even the simplest cases.  In this case, they fear that it might be impossible to get the help they need.

Evaristus Samba, the 29 year old father of the two girls, pleaded that someone come to help his children.

"We are mere peasants and can't even afford to eat healthily daily,” he said.

The ultrasound for the child’s mother, Glory Njweng, 23, appeared to show that she was having just one baby.  But the test wasn’t accurate and the doctors were not prepared to deliver even normal twins, let alone those who were conjoined.

"It is only the Lord Almighty who keeps me alive,” the mother said. "I feel terrified when thinking about October 10, when I put to bed these babies."

In Tugi, a village in northwest Camaroon, most people are farmers and live off just $1 per day.   The people there are also superstitious, believing that the birth of the girls was a bad omen for their village.  Some in the village believe that conjoined twins bring bad crops, and many of them are killed immediately after they are born.

But their mother isn’t hearing of the superstition.  She considers the birth of her daughters to be a miracle.  She only hopes that someone will help them to live a normal life.

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